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JM Studios
Dance Life


Tuition & Policies

Registration Fee

$40 per year


45 min/1 hour class weekly: $48 monthly tuition

Additional Class: $33 monthly per additional 

*Studio Production Class: $20 monthly*

*Endurance & Strength Class: $15 monthly*

Tuition is not prorated for holiday closings, missed classes, or shorter dance months. We base our monthly price on 4 classes per month. Some months are made up of 5 classes and those are considered to be makeup classes for months that are shorter due to the Holidays. Tuition is due by the 1st  class of each month. You will be given a 14 day grace period. If your tuition, or other balances, are not paid within that 14 day grace period, a $20 late fee will be added to your invoice.

Private Lessons

Solo Lesson: $35 per hour

Duo/Duet Lesson: $25 per dancer per hour

Choreography Fees

**These fees are for solo or duo dancers who want to perform a number at recital or at a competition. This fee covers music editing and the instructor's choreography time outside of the studio. This fee is due 2 months after the 1st private lesson is booked. 

Choreographed Solo: $95

Duo/Duet: $60 per dancer ($120 total) 

Freestyle Solo (Clogging): $25 


Discounts are given to families of 3 or more dancers. Speak to a staff member for more information.

Returned Checks

Cash and checks made payable to JM Studios are accepted. There is a $25 service 

charge for returned checks. 

Oh, Snow?!

In inclement weather, the studio will follow Randolph County Schools’ Closings. Unless 

otherwise specified. If you are unsure of canceled classes due to inclement weather, you can check our website, Facebook Page (JM Studios) or call 336.259.1788

Dress Code

Students in ALL classes are required to wear specific attire and shoes to class. Click the "Class Attire" tab at the top to see a detailed list of what is required. All of the required items are available to purchase inside JM Studios for your convenience. If your child does not wear the appropriate attire and shoes to class, they may be sent home. 

Class Placement

A student's age is a basic guideline for class placement. Often times, other qualities are put into consideration such as: strength, maturity level, enthusiasm, focus level and technique. It is not uncommon for dancers to stay in the same level class for 2-3 years. Often times, dancers are moved to a higher level class too early. This leads to injuries and improper techniques can form. Being promoted to a new class doesn't always make them stronger dancers. In some cases, it can hinder their dance education. We appreciate you for trusting our professional decisions and for understanding that we have your dancer's best interest in mind. 

Student Behavior & Policies

 Only water is allowed in the studio. No gum, candy, food, or soda should be taken into the studio room. Parent are allowed in the studio room when invited in by the instructor or studio owner. Cell phones, iPads, Markers, Toys, or any other distractions are prohibited in the studio room. No one under the age of 8 years old should be left unattended in the lobby area. This includes siblings, cousins, friends, etc. Students should be respectful and courteous to our staff and other studio members. If students mistreat an instructor, student, or studio property, they will be asked to leave class. Students should not enter the studio more than 15 minutes prior to their class time and should also be picked up promptly after class. Consistent attendance and effort is very important for the best results and benefits.

Recital Fees
This fee covers the cost of our venue, trophies, staff, music license, free entry to our annual recital for all family/friends, insurance for the event and a recital tshirt. ($90)

Recital Costumes
Each dancer will have one or more costumes for the dance recital. Cloggers & tumblers will purchase one costume. Creative movement and combination classes will purchase two. These costumes are $85 each and a payment plan will be set up for you throughout the year.